Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Thirty-Nine: Inspired by Adam Rhine

Yesterday I found a beautiful book at the Bookworm, my favorite used bookstore in Boulder. Not only is it a fabulous place to buy books, but it is also a good place to get rid of books, which, if you are a bibliophile like me, is very important, since my bookcases are always bulging. You don't get money for your used books, but you get credit towards books in the store, which essentially means one thing: acquiring more books guilt-free! Get this: They still keep track of everybody's account on index cards: yes, index cards, handwritten, with amounts added on or scratched off with a pencil. I love this place! When I googled them for this Post, I was disappointed to see that they are in the process of creating a website,, but I guess progress is inevitable. And soon you out-of-towners will be able to access them. I do hope they'll keep the index cards.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I found this wonderful book of gorgeous Hebrew illuminations, by artist/calligrapher Adam Rhine, published in 2006 by Sounds True here in Boulder Rhine's work is exquisite, heartfelt, and illuminates sacred text, so I hesitated to paint a bird using his style as inspiration. But then I read this on the back cover: "Adam Rhine began his artistic life as a doodler. Choosing to become an artist at age eleven, he soon mastered the covert art of doodling in school, a practice that he has perfected as an adult." And I thought, this guy is my kind of artist, and I don't think he'll mind.
Adam, here's my first bird. I'll try to do another one sometime that is more 'serious' and less 'cartooney', but this one was a lot of fun.
From one covert doodler to another.

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