Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Fifty-Three: Final Sketchbook Birds

This is my third and final (for now) post of birds inspired by Swiss cartoonist P.L. Giovannetti, done at the Avista Adventist Hospital, where Quentin was recuperating from surgery.
I'm delighted to report that he is now back home with his wife Alicia. We're all very happy to leave the hospital.
But it was good to work in my sketchbook during the long hours I spent with Quentin in his hospital room. There is something so elemental, so beautifully simple, about sitting quietly, working on drawings in a sketchbook. I'll miss that part of the past week.
I'd like to think that I'll keep working in a sketchbook here at home, but I know there will be so much else in my studio competing for my attention: my sewing machine, my paints, beads, fabrics, felt, yarn, embroidery threads, decorative papers, the computer, the phone, the dogs who start coming back tomorrow, the list goes on and on. Will I be able to "just" sit and draw with a pencil or pen?
I've posted five more if my hospital drawings here, but I've saved out a few more for 'emergencies', not of the medical but of the avian variety.
Welcome home, Quentin!
Love, Mom

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