Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Forty-Eight: A Giraffe and a Kiwi

Where does it say that I have to create the bird? Oh, right at the top of this page. So I guess I can't count this Kiwi Egg Cozy (now there's a "must-have" for you), because it was made by someone in New Zealand. It was given to my former landlords, Tom and Susan, when they stayed at a B&B 'down-under' in January. Tom re-gifted it to me this afternoon, when I stopped by to pick up some mail. He'd seen the Bird Blog, and he thought this critter would make a good post. I agree. So here he is, posing in front of his homeland, and, more importantly, keeping an egg nice and cozy.
I know, I didn't make this bird. BUT--and there's always a but as you now know from following this blog--I did spend the morning in creative pursuits: I helped Quentin and Alicia complete this Giraffe. In fact, I practically made the whole thing while they played with their iPod in case you're from another planet and don't know what an iPod is--look it up, Alien.
Where was I? Oh, the Kiwi Egg Cozy. This is what we're going to do: We'll put Giraffe and Kiwi in a paper bag, shake them up, and voila--today's Bird.
Any objections, leave me a comment below.


  1. No comments a day later...apparently nobody can poke holes in your logic! I know I can't.

  2. Now that is called "thinking outside of the box"!