Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Forty-Five: Batik Bird Phase One

Today's project is simply too large in scope to complete in one day, so....I'm changing the rules a bit and allowing for some projects to 'count' for more than one day. OK, I know what you're saying. How are there going to be 365 birds, if I do this? Well, for you nit-pickers, I'm posting an existing bird, too. OK?
Back to my batik bird. Batik fabrics on the bolt at quilt shops did not exist during my prior hey-day of sewing, more than two decades ago, but they are everywhere now, and they are gorgeous. I'm very excited about this wall hanging, which I plan to applique, stitch, bead, quilt, and otherwise embellish--tomorrow, to post tomorrow night. Maybe.
I've been kind of rushing through birds lately, and I want to take more time with this. So, I'm giving myself an extra day.
Here's a bird for tonight, for those of you who are counting.....done for an article for The Herb Quarterly, http://www.herbquarterly.com/ about Halloween herbs.


  1. Excellent job of reasoning this out and rationalizing. :-) And your batik bird project is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Linda. Yes, I did a very good job rationalizing. See Day Forty-Five for update, and additional rationalizing.