Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Fifty-One: Birds after Giovannetti

Today at the hospital I had some time to work in my sketchbook.
I've just gotten from http://www.abebooks.com/ the most wonderful book, Birds Without Words, published in 1961 by a Swiss cartoonist named P.L. Giovannetti. It's just that, page after page of wonderful pen and ink, brush and ink, and pencil drawings of birds--no words--in a truly dazzling array of techniques. Giovannetti was a virtuoso in capturing gesture, character, expression and movement in so many clever ways.
I did ten drawings inspired by his work, and picked out six of them for tonight's post. (The others I will keep for 'emergency' posts when I need a bird.)
We googled Giovannetti, but couldn't find much about him. But we had a lot of fun looking at his drawings and I loved trying out some of his techniques. It was a good thing to do while keeping Alicia and Quentin company.
And it was good to see Quentin up and walking a bit. Warms this Mom's heart.

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