Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Forty-One: A Turquoise Felt Bird

I didn't post a Bird yesterday because I'd loaned my digital camera to a friend, and couldn't take a photo. OK, that's just half the story: I didn't finish the bird, either, because I knew I wouldn't be posting it. BUT, I did finish it this morning, and I am uploading it now that I have my camera back.
My friend Julia gave me the idea of doing some Cirque du Soleil type birds, so maybe that was what was influencing me to do this fanciful felt bird. I love to embroider, and sometime I'd like to do a really elaborate bird incorporating embroidery and beading, maybe using glittery, metallic threads and Swaroski crystals.
Julia and I are going to be doing a collaborative project on the Cirque du Soleil theme at a later date.
Watch this space.

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