Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Forty-Two's "Bird"

All right, I want to make this clear before all of you start writing me letters--or, more correctly, posting comments. I am very aware of the fact that a Bat is not a Bird, but a Mammal. But when I came across this utterly charming pattern in Sewing Tiny Toys: Create Your Own Bean Bag and Plush Toys, by Carolyn Vosburg Hall, I knew I had to make it for The 365 Day Bird Project.
Vosburg Hall has been writing sewing books since the 1970's, an earlier heyday for craftinistas, including me, though, of course, that word did not yet exist. But somehow I missed her books altogether, so when I recently became a devotee of "Stuffies and Softies," I was delighted find someone who'd been doing this all along. This book was published in 1999, at the height of the Beany Baby craze, and to my mind is every bit as fun as any of the current titles on making little critters. It has lovely photos of Vosburg Hall's grandchildren happily playing with her stuffed animals. This emphasis on toys for children is something that has shifted in the past few years. Now the focus seems to be on adults making softies for themselves or for adult friends. All the kids are playing with their hand-held digital devices!
You can see a bibliography of Carolyn Vosburg Hall's work at Her books are widely available at used books sites like, or, you might get lucky like I did, and find one at a used book store.
And for folks who can get their library books back on time--alas, I'm not one of them--her books are most certainly at your local public library.
The book I have has parrots, storks, penguins and owls that you might see here later on. For now, my little bat is hanging upside down on my bulletin board, enjoying his exclusive mammalian status among an ever-growing avian population.

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