Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Thirty-One: A Cute Bird

Today's bird comes from the very talented Japanese design team, Aranzi Aronzo http://english.aranziaronzo.com/, who describe their style as kawaii, meaning "Japanese cute." Their characters are enormously popular in Japan, and they have been major players in the Stuffies and Softies movement that has captivated crafters worldwide. Their books are now available in English--my bird came from their The Cute Book-- though you hardly need words to follow their patterns and create your own felt "mascots." Each mascot comes with his or her own story, and is photographed in a variety of interesting settings. My bird ended up in the fruit bowl on the dining room table, then struck a pose beside the teapot on the bookcase.
Felt Mascots get around.
Very cute.

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