Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day Fifty-Eight: Birthday Bird and Goldfinches

I took one more photo of Georgia's Birthday Bird before shipping it out. The colors in yesterday's photos were so washed out, I decided I'd better have a more accurate record of it. I'm also posting this small painting of Goldfinches, done a couple years ago, but 'new' to the blog.
Here it is, 8:30PM and I didn't make a new bird again today! I'm running out of existing images to post, so it's time to start managing time a little better!
In the morning, the day stretches ahead full of infinite possibilities and plenty of time to pursue them all. Then, suddenly, it's evening, and nothing tangible has been accomplished.
Time, that shape-shifing, elusive trickster called time...


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  1. Georgia's birthday bird came out beautifully - and the colors are so vibrant in this new photo.