Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Sixty-Eight (Cont.): Moving On

I've decided that the Cross-Stitch BlueBird is now officially DONE, even though I never got to the branch and leaves that he was supposed to be perched on. I'm moving on to the next bird project, whatever that might be.
My good friend Liza got me back on track with this e-mail she sent me this morning:
Keep going, Peggy.
You were doing so well.
I was in a slump and so busy, but someone reminded me that I haven't really posted every day, and so I did this one.
It was quick and simple, which reminded me that simple is always an option, and a lot less daunting of an option than complicated.

Thanks, Liza, for reminding me that "simple is always an option..."


PS: Be sure to check out Liza's blog by clicking on the link above.

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