Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Sixty-Five: Wallpaper Borders

Remember Wallpaper Borders? Or maybe you've spent the last five years in therapy trying to forget them: specifically, the one your parents put up in your room when they found out that you were going to be a girl, and now, forty-five years later, is still there. These borders came with an irritating array of "coordinates:" ditsy little flowers, stripes, checks, foulards, tiny doo-dads, and, the inevitable marblized allover texture, with--if you were lucky--metallic or pearlized overlays.
Now I know, some people still like wallpaper borders, and, admittedly, there are some attractive ones out there. But I'm talking about the frilly, fussy, always slightly faded or tea-stained, pink, soft blue, and brown "country" look, that was so popular back...was it just a few decades ago?
I saw a wallpaper sample book down at Guiry's today--"Small Florals & Miniatures"--with a big DISCONTINUED written across the cover in black marker. Since it was headed for the recycle bin, I decided to bring it home for today's Bird post.
How could I do such unattractiveness justice? Well, make a collage whereby the whole is even uglier than the sum of its parts. I think you'll agree that I succeeded. You can see how truly unlovely the entire piece is. I added the black marker (I particularly like that the 'cloud' is raining) to reference the sad word sprawled across the cover of the book.
Then again, perhaps, "Discontinued" is, in some instances, a good thing.

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