Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day Seventy-Four: Two Birds on A Painted Ground

Awhile back, when I was painting pieces of paper for my collaged birds, I painted this 8"square piece of illustration board with blues, greens and violets. But it was too heavy for cut-outs, so I thought I'd save it to use as a ground sometime. Tonight, as I stared at it's abstract coloration, I was surprised to see two birds gradually emerge, as out of a mist. I grabbed the closest drawing tool, which happened to be a red-violet pastel pencil, and quickly sketched them in before they disappeared again. Then I added some white pastel highlights and used my kneaded eraser to lift some of the pastel. For a totally unplanned piece, I think it looks OK.
I tend to overthink everything I do, so it was good for me this time to let the materials and the tools tell me what to do.
I should think less and draw more.


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