Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Sixty-Nine: A Patchwork Bird

This rather awkward little guy was made from some leftover quilt blocks, with wooden skewers for legs and Sculpey (TM) feet, which I think I have to bake in the toaster oven at some point.
I based him on a pattern from my "Modern Soft Toy Making" book, but made a lot of changes along the way, including sewing his beak on upside down, which gives him a very different look from the original. I like the way that the pieced fabric, cut with no regard for the original blocks, or the grain of the fabric, gives him a kind of random, patched together look and a quirky shape. I could have made button eyes, but I think he has enough personality without them.
Patchwork Bird was definitely an experiment, but he has certain elements that I really like and will use again. He has his own idiosyncratic charm.

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