Monday, January 3, 2011

Stork: Day Two of 365 Bird Project

Here I am, ready to upload my second bird.

I couldn't wait to get started this morning, I didn't even eat breakfast first, but went right to work. You can see that my studio is a real mess. One of these days, I'll stop and get everything unpacked and put away, but that's not going to be today.

This Stork is from a pattern by Artist Amy Adams,, and again, its from the book entitled Little Birds, compiled by Susanne Woods. Eventually, I will have made all 26 birds and will have to branch out on my own, (pardon the pun), but for now, it's good to have some designs to work from.

Already I feel the perfectionism kicking in, the "it's not good enough" voice in my head, but thankfully, for once, I'm choosing not to listen to it and am forging ahead. The need to finish the piece in one day is helping a lot; also, it's not an assignment for a client, for heaven's sake! I'm finally, after 15 years of working on assignment to a client's specs, doing something for FUN. No expectations, no revisions or redos, just this blog to keep me honest.

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