Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Three: Little Red Bird Needle Case

I decided to work in embroidery today, still drawing inspiration from the wonderful "Little Birds" book. This time I have Artist Lisa Fell to thank: http://www.lazymay.com/.

I had a million interruptions all day long, so never really got totally into the project without the phone ringing, someone at the door, or someone needing something from me (including the dogs)! So here it is 6PM, and I'm finally adding my post for the day.

Hopefully, I'll get to work in a little more peace tomorrow.

At first I was going to just make a decorative object, but then I got the idea of making something useful, since I'm going to be doing a lot of sewing this year.

I worked on some lovely pink linen that I've had for ages, with perle cotton and embroidery floss, then I lined the case with a cotton calico, and made two 'pages' with felt, to hold the needles.

I'm happy with it.

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  1. I am happy with it too! It's beautiful. Great job.