Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Fourteen: A Needle-felted Baby Bird

This baby bird might have just landed at the top of my stairs, and is wondering how he got there. He's my first attempt at a technique called needle-felting, and I was helped by the book: Little Felted Animals, by Marie-Noelle Horvath.

When I started this project, it seemed like there was an awful lot of jabbing with terribly sharp barbed needles, and not much felting going on. Blood was spilled. But as I progressed, the baby bird took on his own form, and though he's not at all what I set out to do, I am pleased with this first try at something new.
The good thing about doing a bird a day for 365 days is that you can't get too hung up on doing it perfectly. There just isn't enough time. The daily task is to get the bird done, get it photographed or scanned, and get it up on the blog. Tomorrow is another day.

Perfectionism is a problem very familiar to artists, and it can lead to those other two perilous "P's", Procrastination and Paralysis.

It's best to leave it at the door when you go into the studio to work.


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