Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine: Doodling

Some time ago I bought a wonderful blank book down at the Boulder Book Store, called "642 Things to Draw", published by our friends at Chronicle Books, who, by the way, also produced yesterday's beautiful origami papers.
This book is just what is says it is: a book that lists 642 things to draw, sometimes one on a page, sometimes two, sometimes three or more, and basically, you just open it up anywhere and start doodling. It's a wonderful way to procrastinate, especially when you have something important you should be doing. I looked for a page about birds, but couldn't find one, so I picked a random page--which happened to list: A Cabin, Mushrooms, Shrubbery, and Bob Marley. Of course, I had to make the doodles about birds. Bob Marley was the hardest; I should have written "No Woman, No Quack" but didn't think of that til just now.

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