Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Five: Owl

A 3-D Owl reflects upon his 2-D origins
Today I decided to try my hand at making my own pattern. I got my inspiration from a greeting card by Sunrise Greetings (TM), that my friend Annie sent me when her grandson Finn was going through an "owl" stage. I wanted to try to translate a 2-D design into three dimensions.

It's too bad that the artist wasn't given credit on the back of the card, so I can't acknowledge him or her. I was a stationery and giftware illustrator for fifteen years, and they were hectic years but good years, too. You can see lots of the stuff I did on my website, Then the "Bowie Style" came into vogue: ( check out Marie Perkins' wonderful blog at ) and I was cooked. My style was passe, with that accent over the "e. " It seemed like time to do something new.
So the stars realigned themselves as they often do, I started my dogsitting business, and now, three years into that, I am able to unofficially close my illustration studio, and "explore other creative pursuits." Another way of saying, "Hey, what's next?"

So here I am. I moved to my very own house on the Winter Solstice of 2010, and started my 365 Bird Project twelve days later on January 2, 2011. A Bird a Day for 365 days.

I've had these eyes (the Owl's) for a long time. They are called Suncatcher Eyes, and are handmade in Maine---seriously, let's support these folks: Finally, I'm getting to use them. Oh, and the felt for these projects is from a wonderful place called Prairie Point Junction. Go to I splurged and bought the sampler of all 96 or so colors about a year ago, and have been eyeing the pile in a way usually reserved for a bag of M & M's. Finally, I'm getting to dive in! (The felt, not the chocolate)

So I have a lot of folks to thank for getting me to this moment in time, and I'll try over the next year to thank everybody.

Signing off for now,

Peggy T.


  1. Peggy, this is just lovely. The stitching on his chest is so well done. Very nice!

  2. What a great idea, Peggy--the blog and the owl! I'll be interested to see how you transition into your new life and will be visiting here often. I've loved the work you've done for me: thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts.