Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Eighteen: Three Geese: Watercolor over Pencil

Here is not the place for a lengthy discussion of the controversy surrounding drawing from photographs. Most of us do it. Many artists, myself included, cannot always conjure up an image in their heads and put it down on paper. We use photo reference all the time.
Is is original? Is it "cheating?" Is it even art?
Well, it's always deemed more "worthy" to draw from life, and it's certainly the best way to sharpen our drawing skills. And it's true that nothing really compares with the satisfaction of sitting down and getting a good drawing from a carefully observed subject. But it's not always possible, or even desirable, for that matter.
I've had this photo of three geese for a long time. I love the subject, I love the composition, and it seemed like a fun little study to work on for half an hour as I sat out on the porch and chatted with my mother and father.
No apologies offered.

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