Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Ninety-Three: An Egg, An Egg!

Rarely, if ever, does something work the first time around.  Such, however, was the case today.
You may recall my musings yesterday on how to create a three-dimensional egg shape out of flat pieces of felt, and, if achieved, if it would stand up or topple over.  I knew how to make a felt ball, out of eight 'orange wedges,' (remember those flat maps of the world that the teacher used to pull down over the blackboard?).  But a ball would roll, as all good balls should, and besides, it was round, not egg shaped.

But, starting with the standard 'orange wedge' shape for a ball, as shown here from my Modern Soft Toy Making Book, I adapted the wedge shape to what I thought might work, making the bottom half slightly wider than the top, for stability.  My pattern, on cream colored paper, is shown on top of the the patttern page of the book.  I didn't think I'd need eight pieces, since an egg is narrower than a sphere, so I cut out six, four in yellow, two in cream, and started sewing them together.
Much to my surprise, I only needed five pieces.  Does this mean the surface area of an egg is five-eighths the surface area of a similar sized sphere?  Isn't pi in there somewhere? What is pi, anyway? Well, never mind that, what's really astonishing is that I got exactly the shape I wanted on the first try! 
Now, this little blob may not look to exciting to anybody else, but as far as I'm concerned, it's pure genius.
Now I get the fun of tuning it into a bright little bird, with eyes and a beak, embroidery and beads, anything I want.  
Check out the blog tomorrow, when Eggbert will be revealed.
I am humbled by my own greatness.


  1. Can't wait to see Eggbert revealed! This was a fun post.

  2. Peggy that was actually me...apparently my laptop is logged into Cassidy's gmail account.