Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 104: A Collaged and Layered Bird

For me to get to the point where I can work this haphazardly means that either I'm really, really tired, or that I've finally gotten to a place in the artistic process where I don't care how the piece comes out.  This bird, created from layers of cut and torn paper, glue, white acrylic paint, and brush  markers, is a real stretch for me.  With my background in illustration, I'm far more comfortable working with very controlled watercolor washes, over a tight pencil drawing, with all the 'bugs' already dealt with on scraps of trace, and certainly NOT on the final piece of art.  Getting my hands, my work table, and especially the art itself all messy and wet and sticky just isn't in my comfort zone as an artist.
But part of my reason for doing the 365 Bird Project is to get away from my tightly controlled environment, to get my fingernails dirty--literally--and to try new things.
Actually, once I got going with this, and had abandoned all hope of a satisfactory outcome, I started having fun.  It just took long time of neatly gluing down fiddly little pieces of paper before I finally rolled up my sleeves and just plunged in.
Now that I'm finished, I'm rather pleased with this little guy, and with myself!
I'll clean up the mess in the morning.

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